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Getting into competitive archery was never easier than attending one of our EOS Challenges. Held every two months at the conclusion to our program session this competition gives new and advanced archers the experience they need to learn to compete at their best.

Upcoming EOS Information

This tournament is open to all archers.

Program participants should register for the following times, please look below for more information.

  • 9:30 am Indoor Session: Homeschool, Explore, Basic, and Adult Basic classes


Saturday, August 24th, 2019


Indoors: $20 for 30 arrow round


Indoor Details

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Recurve and Barebow Distances:

Distance: 9m                         Target Face: 80cm OR 60cm

Distance: 18m                       Target Face: 60cm OR 40cm



Compound Distances:

Distance: 9m                         Target Face: 40cm

Distance: 18m                       Target Face: 40cm

** Inner ten**   

9:30 AM Indoor Session

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Check In:            9:00 AM

Start Shooting:    9:30 PM

Students in Homeschool, Adult Basic, or Intermediate I level class should register for this shoot time. This shoot is required for graduation.

Eligible distances for graduation:

Level Distance Target Face

Explore 9m 80cm face

Basic 9m 60cm face

Adult Basic 9m 60cm face

Adult Basic 18m 60cm face

Archers in 4H, JOAD and OAS programs looking for a first experience should register for this shooting time.



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