Easton Foundations Spider Cup Series

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The Spider Cup Series was created to entice shooters to compete in the different disciplines of archery. There are six separate tournaments, held on a bimonthly basis, that will decide the overall champions for the year. The idea is to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while also giving archers a chance to feel the thrill of competition.

2019 Changes:

  • NEW Barebow division

  • NEW Novice Open division for new archers looking to learn competition without the stress

  • NEW age divisions for younger archers

  • NEW competition formats, pick your favorites or try them all



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The 2019 Tournament schedule will be as follows (dates are subject to change):

  • February 23rd – NFAA Indoor Round

  • May 11th – USAA Outdoor Round with Individual Eliminations

  • June 22nd – USAA Outdoor Round with Team Eliminations

  • September 7th – NFAA Animal/Hunter Round (Field)

  • October 12th – NFAA Field Round

  • December 14th – USAA Indoor Round



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Equipment rules shall follow the type of round being shot (e.g. NFAA rules for NFAA competitions, WA rules for USAA competitions).

  • Olympic Recurve

  • Compound

  • Barebow

  • Novice Open

    • This division is intended for archers learning to compete and is not meant to be competitive, therefore no awards will be presented for this division.

    • This division will shoot under the same rules as our Cub division

    • This division is an open class, there are no equipment restrictions


Age Divisions

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Age Division will be determined by the age of the archer as of December 31st of the calendar year. Each age division will be separated by Compound and Recurve, but ONLY the adult division will be separated by male and female.

  • Adult: 18 and older

  • Cadet: 15 through 17

  • Cub: 13 through 14

  • Bowman: 12 and younger


Tournament Structure

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There will be three archery disciplines shot over the course of the six tournaments; including Indoor, Outdoor, and Field.


The indoor tournaments will consist of a 60-arrow qualification round.

Spider Cup #1 will be a NFAA 60 arrow indoor round. Following NFAA rules. Never shot an NFAA indoor round? Check out this short video by clicking here.

  • Age division conversion:

    Spider Cup Division NFAA Division

    Adult Adult

    Cadet Young Adult

    Cub Youth

    Bowman Cub

Spider Cup #6 will be a USAA/NAA 60 arrow indoor round. Following USA Archery Rules.


The outdoor tournament will consist of a 720 qualification round, followed by elimination rounds or team rounds. Recurve divisions will run set scoring and Compound divisions will run cumulative scoring during match play. The outdoor tournaments will follow USA Archery rules where applicable. Teams shall be finalized by the start of the qualification round. Team members must shoot in the same division.

Divisions with distances and target faces will be as follows:

  • Adult Barebow: 50 Meters @ 122cm

  • Adult Recurve: 70 Meters @ 122cm

  • Adult Compound: 50 Meters @ 80cm

  • Cadet Barebow: 50 Meters @ 122cm

  • Cadet Compound: 50 Meters @ 80cm

  • Cadet Recurve: 60 Meters @ 122cm

  • Cub Barebow: 30 Meters @ 122cm

  • Cub Compound: 30 Meters @ 80cm

  • Cub Recurve: 50 Meters @ 122cm

  • Bowman Barebow: 30 Meters @ 122cm

  • Bowman Compound: 25 Meters @ 80cm

  • Bowman Recurve: 30 Meters @ 122cm


The field tournaments will be shot on a 14-target field range. During the tournament the range will be shot twice to constitute a round. The tournament will follow NFAA’s By-Laws, and divisions will match as follows:

Spider Cup Division NFAA Division

Adult Adult

Cadet Young Adult

Cub Youth

Bowman Cub

Spider Cup #4 will be a 14 target Animal and 14 target Hunter Round following NFAA by-laws. Never shot an Animal or Hunter Round? Check out this short video by clicking here and here.

Spider Cup #5 will be an NFAA Field round following NFAA by-laws. Never shot an NFAA Field Round? Check out this short video by clicking here.

For more information on NFAA Field, Hunter, and Animal Rounds check out this guide created by the NFAA Easton Yankton Center.

ENAC Field Course Layout and Distances


Overall Ranking

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Every archer will receive a ranking for each tournament shot. To be considered for overall champion an archer MUST shoot at least three tournaments, AND shoot all archery disciplines at least once. If an archer shoots more than three tournaments, the best ranking from each archery discipline will be used to calculate the overall ranking.

For the field and indoor tournaments, the archer’s score from that tournament will determine the tournament ranking. For example if an archer ranks 5th in scoring, that will be the tournament ranking used to calculate the overall ranking.

For the outdoor tournaments, the archer’s tournament ranking will depend on qualification, match play and single arrow average (single arrow average is the average score of each arrow shot during match play). The weight of each factor will be 40% for qualification, 40% for match play and 20% for single arrow average. The tournament ranking will be calculated as such:

  • (Qual. rank * .40) + (MP rank * .40) + (SAA * .20) = Tournament Rank

Match Play Rank: Any archer eliminated before the semi-finals will be ranked according to their single arrow average from the round in which they were eliminated. For example, the archer eliminated in the 1/4 round with the highest SAA among all the eliminated archers will have a match play rank of 5th.

Team Match Play Rank: Archers on a team will receive the same MP rank as their fellow team members. If there are not enough archers to make competing teams, MP rank and SAA will not be used for that competitions ranking.

The overall ranking will be calculated by adding the archer’s best tournament ranking from each of the three archery disciplines. Therefore, the best overall ranking an archer can receive is 3.

In the case of a tie, the Archer’s ranking from their best outdoor round will be used as the tiebreaker. If the tie still remains the Single Arrow Average from the same round will be used as the tiebreaker.



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Awards will be handed out after the last tournament in November/December. Awards will be given to the Spider Cup Champion in each division. To qualify you must have a valid score for at least one Indoor, one Outdoor, and one Field event.

To qualify for an award, a division must have at least 3 competitors by the end of the series.

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