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Easton-Newberry Archery Center

About the Center

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Located 15 miles west of Gainesville, Newberry is quickly growing to be the sports destination of northern Florida. The Easton-Newberry Sports Complex is comprised of 100 acres of multi-recreation use and archery-specific property. It is a shared-use facility that combines the Easton-Newberry Archery Center with a multi-use recreation facility. Co-managed by the Easton Foundations and the City of Newberry, the facility houses the City’s Recreation Department and the Archery Center.

The archery program focuses on training archers and coaches, developing curriculum, and providing a world class venue to host archery events of all sizes and styles.

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100 Acre Sports Complex



Indoor Range

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The Easton-Newberry Archery Center includes a dedicated indoor archery range with 18 lanes shooting to 18 meters. In addition, the facility includes an adjoining indoor gym for basketball, volleyball and multi-use. Combined, the two indoor venues can provide over 40 archery lanes for large indoor events.

The indoor archery range is wired for public address, wireless mics, and video. There are two large wall-mounted flat screen TVs, and a drop-down screen with a ceiling-mounted projector. In addition, high-speed video cameras and multi-linked video cameras are available for training courses and instruction. A repair and tuning shop is attached to the indoor range. Participants can learn about bow tuning, and can make fine adjustments on their equipment during training periods. The range is brightly lit, and features central heat and air conditioning. Target mats are suitable for bows up to 70lb draw weight.

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18 Archery Lanes



Outdoor Ranges

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Outdoor Ranges


wooded course

60 Acre Wooded Course


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The facility hosts a dedicated outdoor archery range with a 160 foot covered shooting line. The practice field is used for daily lessons and tournament warm-up, and has shooting distances out to 90 meters. It is connected to the facility by a large paved patio and sidewalks. There is one additional sidewalk within the practice field for wheelchair access to various target distances.

For large outdoor target events nearby space in the complex can be transformed into a second field capable of holding 64 target mats. To support the field, a shade pavilion and a concession stand with restrooms are positioned nearby. There is ample parking.

Northern Florida has a mild winter climate that permits outdoor shooting year round. Field and 3-D archers enjoy scenic walks in the woods in our 60 acre wooded archery course. There are a number of broad pedestrian lanes and walk-back target stations for even the largest of 3D events. There are also 14 Field Targets located in the woods available.