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The 50th U.S. National Indoor Championships
& 2019 JOAD National Indoor Championships

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The Easton Newberry Archery Center,  welcomes you to the 50th U.S. National Indoor Championships, and the 2019 JOAD National Indoor Championships.

The 2 separate events will take place at the same venue on the same weekend. Youth archers may participate in U.S. National Indoor Championships, the JOAD National Indoor or both. Senior and Masters will participate only in the U.S. National Indoor Championships.


Event Dates

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JOAD National Indoor Championships
January 11th-12th, 2019

U.S. National Indoor Championships
January 12th-13th, 2019


Venue Information

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Easton Newberry Sports Complex
24880 NW 16th Avenue
Newberry, FL 32669


Contact Information

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Gainesville Regional Airport
3880 NE 39th Ave.
Gainsville, FL 32609